Myofunctional Therapy Services in Orléans, Ottawa

1 on 1 Myofunctional Therapy Sessions for All Ages in Ottawa East

Do you experience pain or dysfunctions in the head, neck, or jaw region? Myofunctional Therapy consists of guided, progressive exercises to help retrain the muscles of those areas. Whether you are a newborn, a child, or an adult, this may be a treatment option for you.

Did you know?

  • The normal resting posture of the mouth includes the tongue on the roof of the mouth, a space between the teeth, lips sealed while breathing from the nose. Inappropriate resting posture may interfere with the normal development of the skull, face & airway and lead to issues with speaking, eating, swallowing, teeth crowding, and sleeping.
  • Posterior tongue ties are often missed and are just as important to release as the anterior ties for normal development and function.
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"A myofunctional therapist can help their clients in so many ways… client centered goals and working with other members of their care team. Although myofunctional therapy has been studied for many years more recently the benefits have been better studied."

Is Myofunctional Therapy for You?

Do you recognize yourself in any of the signs & symptoms below?

If you answered yes to more than 1 item, myofunctional therapy may be for you!

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Newborn Screening Clinic

Are You Wondering if Your Child Could Benefit from this Assessment?

Is your child having breastfeeding issues such as: difficulty latching, painful latching, frequent regurgitations, losing weight, etc. If the answer is yes, the Newborn Screening Clinic is for you!

Habit Elimination Program also available (thumb sucking, soother)